Monnickendam has a modern, fully equipped cutting facility based in the company’s London office; able to process rough diamonds utilising Sarine Diaexpert™, the world’s leading rough diamond planning system. This provides precise manufacturing instructions to ensure the best yield with excellent cut and symmetry for every diamond wherever possible. We have additional equipment to then process the rough. For example, with fancy-shape diamonds our team can employ EOS Fancy™, an automated bruting machine, capable of cutting a perfect girdle with zero deviation in symmetry. Continued investment in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, combined with personnel of exceptional experience, some with over 40 years within the trade, ensures Monnickendam remains at the pinnacle of our industry.

    • Cutting clients’ rough diamonds (valid Kimberly Process Certificate required).
    • Re-cutting and remodelling of polished diamonds.
    • Repair work on damaged or burnt stones.
    • Trimming work – to ensure stones precisely fit a mount.
    • Pre- and post- ‘certification’ work – improve diamonds in advance of being sent for grading by the GIA, HRD, IGI or to comply with a laboratory’s instructions to improve a grade.
    • Staff training; equip your sales staff with full knowledge of the diamond cutting and polishing techniques.
    • Development of promotional/anniversary cuts (special facet configurations).